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Lets face it- healing patients is what drives you to success. But effectively communicating your unique skills sets to patients can be a nightmare, especially on-line.

The NeuropathyDR Professionals Business System does it for you!

I just received 50-60 Neuropathy Patients from my FIRST print ad insertion!

Just as you say, we’ve seen diabetic, chemotherapy and many other types of clinical neuropathy presentations. And the most important thing? Almost all these patients who have been told there is no help for them are getting better! 

Thank You for all your help!

M. Rouhana, DC, Johnson City NY

The NeuropathyDR system works great and is improving all the time. The referrals I have gotten from have paid for my tuition and more! The support I get from the whole organization is unparalleled.

 Joe McLaughlin DC, Charlotte, NC

The NeuropathyDR program gives the clinic a system for predictability in achieving successful outcomes for patients who thus far have had no real solution to their health problems.

-  Jill Howe, DC, Chrystal Lake, IL

I can absolutely report that when you integrate the NeuropathyDR® program into your practice you will be changing your patients’ lives. 
The Success stories from Dr. Hayes and those that use the program are too numerous to count.

Family members calling to pay for co-pays for NeuropathyDR treatments after two uses. Family emailing with thanks following the first use.
 Four patients have avoided fusion surgeries that were told there was no other option. 50% relief from chronic neuropathy in one week after starting the program.

-  Jeremia Jorgensen, PT, Lincoln, NE

Dr. Hayes, I wanted to share this true story with you. I have been a NeuropathyDR® client for about 6 months, in a practice with my son, also a DC and an assistant. I had previously purchased the “other guys” neuropathy treatment systems, found them confusing, difficult to follow. In fact, they sat on a shelf for a year, before I discovered your very simple but powerful neuropathy treatment system. 

The results have been incredible, and interestingly, just as you predicted, a significant portion of my new patients were already using devices but not fully managing their neuropathy.
I have repeatedly had so many new patient prospects (up to 94, with 82 becoming paying patients) from SINGLE insertions of your ads, I am blown away.

My practice numbers and patient results put my practice on an incredible track, generating more revenue in one month than many practices generate in 4-6 Months!

By the way, our practice is in the most economically devastated county in the USA.

*My advice to you? “Just follow the marketing and treatment plans, just as Dr. Hayes 

-  Richard Merritt, DC, Lakeland, FL